About Us

Cloverfield Investments Inc. is a private investment firm with interests in early stage publicly traded companies, as well as real estate investment projects.

AT Cloverfield Investments Inc., we are inspired by our vision, Integrity and transparency.

Cloverfield Investments is guided by one fundamental thought and that is to deliver compelling investment results over the long term. This is and will remain our singular purpose, driven by a culture rooted in deep fundamental research, the pursuit of investment insight and continuous innovation, and this is achieved by the continuous exchange of ideas within our organization.

Ultimately we are committed to research-driven investment that can deliver returns on our portfolio and this commitment to success is anchored in our values.

At Cloverfield Investments it is our belief that the management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues remains a crucial part of the long-term success of our business today and into the future.

our due diligence process ensures the utmost integrity in our ability to make sound investment decisions.